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TLC Pet Spa



Tender, Loving Care and pet grooming for dogs!

Germaine Brooks

     Germaine joined team TLC in June of 2016. He has enjoyed being a groomer and salon manager at Petsmart for 5 years prior to joining our team. A funny fact - he used to be Tish's boss! Having worked with him before, Tish knew to "scoop him up" when he was looking for a new job!

     Germaine's favorite part of grooming is "seeing the transformation of each dog on my (his) table". Tish calls Germaine a gentle giant and appreciates his good attitude about EVERYTHING! He goes the extra mile with each pet and can often be found sitting on the drying table with them while drying them and affectionately calls them names like "Mama" and "Champ.

Germaine has 1 dog of his own - a Shih Tzu named Bailey. He is also the proud father of 2 young children - Ethan and Sydney. In his free time he likes to exercise, spend time with his family and is an avid reader.

Courtney Stewart

Courtney has been a groomer for over 11 years and met Tish through Davis Manufacturing. She joined TLC Pet Spa in April of 2016. She loves her career, continuing her grooming education and spending time with all of the pets! She is active in pet rescue and has helped so many pets in need. 

Courtney's personal pet family consists of a Shih Tzu, Wheaten and a Pit Bull - Maddie, Irie and Romeo!

Courtney has a reputation at TLC as being "the quiet one" of us. She is always so calm and patient with the dogs she is grooming.

In Courtney's free time, she enjoys time with her friends, family and pets. 

Brittany Cannella

Brittany joined TLC in March of 2017!  She previously learned to groom and worked with her mother for 9 years at another grooming shop in the Duluth area. Her Mom has retired and sold her shop and Brittany decided it was a good time to make a move.

Brittany loves grooming and has always loved animals - so her career just makes sense! Brittany is often described as fun, bubbly and outgoing. Pets and clients just love her and TLC is glad to have her and her talents!

Brittany is the Mom to 2 human children - Nora who is 2 years old and Josie who is not quite 1 year old - as well as 2 dogs! Roxy is a senior Pit Bull and Bo is a Beagle Mix.

Brittany looks forward to caring for your pet! She loves pampering pets she has known over the years as well as meeting new friends!