TLC Pet Spa



Tender, Loving Care and pet grooming for dogs!

Meet our invaluable assistants!

Kim Elliott

     Kim has worked with animals for over 8 years - as a vet tech and as a grooming assistant. She is a pet lover who grew up with dogs, cats and horses and recently lost  her 9 year old Pug, Ellie, to cancer.

     In Kim's own words - "I love my job because loving on and touching dogs all day is therapy to me!"

     In Kim's free time, she loves to spend time with her grand kids and family, loves the beach, likes to knit and work in her garden as well as go to the movies!

     We are glad to have her as part of our team at   TLC! Tish would be LOST without her!

Joslyn Bradley

Joslyn joined TLC in September 2017 as our receptionist. Joslyn came highly recommended by several of our clients that knew her from a previous job at a pet daycare facility. She has 13 years of experience in the animal care field. 

Joslyn has a BIG heart for animals and has rescued her fair share - from the streets to loving homes! Her first personal dog was a Chihuahua who lived to be 13 years old. Now she has a Border Collie mix named Faux!

A few of her hobbies include playing the piano (since she was 12 years old), watching movies (especially horror) and listening to music. She is also a HUGE NE Patriots fan!!

Joslyn is a pleasure to work with! She has a fantastic smile and a joyful attitude and fit in with team TLC perfectly. Her dedication to her job and love for all of the animals is truly appreciated!  

Leah Charette

Leah joined team TLC as a grooming assistant and bather in January of 2018. She "clicked" with us right away with her love for animals which is our #1 requirement. Leah has been a dog lover all of her life and has been a member of the ASPCA since 1998!

Previously, Leah worked at Roswell Animal Hospital and LOVED working with all of the pets there. She and her husband have adopted their dogs from Boston Terrier Rescue and while their oldest has passed away, they currently have 2 dogs. Dottie is a Rat Terrier mix and Ginger is an English Bulldog Mix. 

Leah has 2 human children that she enjoys spending time with - Blake and Alyssa. In her free time, she also enjoys gardening, decorating her home and simply spending time with her family.

When Leah was asked what she likes most about working with animals and at TLC Pet Spa - she said, "Everyday I look forward to seeing all of the different breeds and how each has their own unique personalities!". We are glad to have Leah on our team and know you are too!

Arden Jaillett

Arden joined TLC Pet Spa in August 2018. She is such a motivated person and came to us with a passion for animals and a desire to work with them! That is exactly what TLC Pet Spa looks for in a teammate!

Arden's own pet family consists of 2 dogs - Duke and Oana, a cat named Eve and a Guinea Pig named Fluffy. She also had a pet rat named Whiskey that passed away recently. Arden has always loved all animals! Horses are her favorite and she has ridden them all of her life. In high school, she was one of the best in competition riding!

In Arden's free time, she loves to read; go on runs with her dogs; spend time with horses; and hang out with her niece. Her dream is to one day open a cage free shelter for pets in need.

Arden's favorite part of working at TLC is being able to work with animals everyday. Team TLC is thankful for Arden!