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We groom most breeds and all ages of dogs! (We have a 70 pound weight limit.)

Deluxe Bath Package

Includes bath, blow dry, brush out, anal glands, ears, teeth brushing and nail trim or grinding.

  • Thorough Bath using Two Shampoos
    And Conditioner specific to your Dog’s Skin/Coat Needs

  • Spa Facial

  • Teeth Brushed

  • Ears Cleaned

  • Anal Glands Expressed

  • Towel Dry

  • Individual Blow Dry (no cage drying)

  • Brush Out of their Coat

  • De-Shedding

  • Pedicure (Nails Grinded/Trimmed)

  • Gentle Massage

  • Bandana/Bows

  • Cologne if desired

*Multiple Shampoos per Bath

We also offer nail trims/grinding as a stand alone service for $25. 


TLC Pet Spa conducts a basic health check during all our services, including skin and coat assessment, to identify any potential concerns that we can bring to your attention.

Add face, feet and sanitary trim to a Deluxe Bath Package. Does not include any length off their body​.

Many clients choose this service between their full grooming service to help a full haircut last longer. This maintains the details of their bodies.

Includes Deluxe Bath Package service plus face, feet, sanitary trim AND a full body haircut.

All of our grooming services include treats, cologne, bandanna and bows if desired!

  • NOTE: We give a price range because a pet's coat, condition of their coat and technique needed for their grooming service can vary. Prices are set by time involved and technique required for their grooming service. You will know your pet's price before leaving them in our care. If there are any changes in your price - for any reason - we will call you first. No surprise charges from us!

Mini Groom Package

Full Groom Package

Additional Charges:

Parasites: $10.00

We will let you know if we see fleas and/or ticks on your pet. We will also remove/kill them and charge a fee for this service.

Special Handling Fee: $20.00 - $30.00

Some pets need an extra person to support, restrain and comfort them during the majority of the grooming process. This can be necessary for the pet's safety as their groomer is using tools that are sharp! If this is necessary for your pet, we charge an additional fee.

Matted Dogs

We love your dogs and will not hurt them or put them through senseless pain just to keep their coats longer than their condition permits! Humanity before vanity! At home, be sure that you are not only brushing your dog, but also combing them! You can brush the top layer, but if there are tangles/mats at their skin, the grooming possibilities are limited.

Areas that especially mat up are areas that move a lot or are scratched often - for example: where their legs join their body and behind their ears and in their beards and tails.

If their coats are mildly matted and we feel it is possible (and not too painful) to remove, we will do it. However, we do have an extra charge for our time and skills of $30 per 30 minutes. We will discuss this with you before performing extra services that will increase your grooming charge. 

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