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Tuesday - Friday 7:30 am - 6:00 pm

Saturday 9:00 am - 2:00 pm


We schedule grooming appointments throughout the day in 4-5 hour increments. However, we are happy to care for your pet for the day if you would like them (or need them) to stay with us! If you NEED to pick your pet up at a specific time, please discuss this with our scheduler when making your grooming appointment.

REQUIRED VACCINES: We require these vaccines to be current for dogs: Rabies, DHPP and Bordetella. To verify your pet's vaccines, we can call your veterinarian for verbal confirmation over the phone or your veterinarian can email us your pet's vaccine due dates. We will record your pet's vaccine history on their grooming chart. (If your pet is more than 3 months overdue on any of their vaccines, we require a waiting period of 1 week between getting their vaccines updated and your grooming visit -according to the advice of Dr. Zach Mills of Tiger Tails Animal Hospital.) Another option for a pet parent who does not want to vaccinate their pet is to present us (through an email from your veterinarian) with current titers showing that your pet is protected for the same vaccines that we require. 

"35/48 POLICY" -- NO SHOW/LATE CANCELLATION:  Please be aware of our "35/48" policy! This means if you are a "no show" or a late cancellation (within 48 hours) for your pet's grooming appointment, TLC Pet Spa will charge you $35 before you can schedule another grooming appointment. This $35 fee goes toward your missed appointment and does not count as credit for any future grooming appointments. You can reach us by phone or our email is

New ClientsWe currently have extremely limited availability in accepting new clients so that we can continue to be available to our existing clients. To get on our waiting list, please go to our Potential New Client Questionnaire (3rd tab), copy and paste your answers/information and return it to us by email - We will reach out to clients on our waiting list as space becomes available. We are able to accept dogs under 20 pounds more often than dogs over 20 pounds. 

Covid 19: TLC Pet Spa is following the CDC Business Guidelines. Our lobby is open and we prefer to receive one client at a time. If you prefer curbside service (where we come to your car to receive and/or return your pet), please call when you arrive and we will be happy to serve you curbside. 

We are very active on our TLC Pet Spa Facebook page! Check us out there! 

Sadie - the Boston - is snoozing at the Spa!

Our friends - Biggie and Slim!

Our shop cat - Mama!

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